Infatuated [adjective]

Definition of Infatuated:

in love with; obsessed

Synonyms of Infatuated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infatuated:

Sentence/Example of Infatuated:

It now became evident, even to the infatuated Gray, that Mrs. Irvin was laboring under the influence of tremendous excitement.

In the meantime he was completely infatuated, and trotted about after Sarah like an old turkey cock.

I confess, honestly, that during this conversation I felt somewhat impatient with my dear, infatuated friend.

He thought he could see very plainly Brodrick's hand, his power over the infatuated Jinny.

Yet for sooth, they must be spared the discomfort of becoming a little infatuated with a woman for a time—a short time, at worst!

The reader would smile to read the infatuated simple reasons with which the bishop endeavoured to delude the ignorant.

In the chamber next to that occupied by the infatuated Figgins lodged a Turk, Bosja by name.

Verinder had not yet gone, and he was very much infatuated with her.

A man, and older than she, they scorned him for letting an infatuated girl throw her life away like that.

He had by this time formed an infatuated attachment for Lady Hamilton, which totally weaned his affections from his wife.