Infecting [verb]

Definition of Infecting:

pollute, contaminate

Synonyms of Infecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infecting:





Sentence/Example of Infecting:

The rot of faction, which was infecting political life, laid some hold on the navy.

A new poison is added to that already infecting me—I am jealous!

No one had as yet succeeded in infecting the roots and in producing the tubercles artificially.

Some people would come, leave notes with her to deliver to Pavel, and disappear, infecting her with their excitement.

I return, in the mean time, to the article of infecting one another at first.

Another important element involved in a speedy diagnosis is, that we must not take any chances of infecting other children.

For those on th' other part, who drop by drop Wring out their all-infecting malady, Too closely press the verge.

He used a monkey for his subject, infecting it with the microbe of sleeping sickness discovered by Colonel Bruce.

An epidemic of the gapes, infecting the entire race of local hens, had caused the disappearance of every egg from the market.

The Guadiana creeps through lonely Estremadura, infecting the low plains with miasma.