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So even though cases overall grew, hospitalizations and deaths were down — and that makes sense because younger people are more likely to experience mild or symptom-free infections.

That could increase the infection risk in shared spaces including offices, restaurants, and movie theaters.

The underlying level of infection remains high, however, and the virus is still passing freely from person to person in much of the country.

In other words, it’s hard to predict how many people might die of widespread infection.

Some feared coming to work while others walked out of plants to protest the lack of infection control measures.

Data gathered in West Africa and elsewhere during the 1990s also built a case that BCG vaccination, in addition to preventing tuberculosis, protected people from a broad set of infections.

They also refer to a recent study in Syrian hamsters that also suggested masking results in milder infections.

So far, the new upturn in infections has not resulted in a surge in deaths, which are at a small fraction of the levels in March and April, when the pandemic tore through Europe’s nursing homes.

Moving forward, medical innovation can play a substantial role in controlling and preventing infection—and treating those who have contracted the virus.

That’s still above the national average for new infections, on a per person basis, but Georgia has fallen from the worst for new infections to No.