Infective [adjective]

Definition of Infective:

catching, spreading

Synonyms of Infective:

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Sentence/Example of Infective:

There are other infective diseases, in which we have not yet found the causative micro-organism, but we presume its existence.

In acute cases of salpingitis the cœlomic ostium is open and the infective material can be seen leaking from it (Fig. 3).

The cause is always the absorption of some toxic or infective material from the periphery.

Abscess in the spleen occasionally occurs, usually in association with infective endocarditis or with general pyaemia.

He showed further, that by having been bred in the tissues of the cow, the virus lost its intense infective properties for man.

Also the southern wind, which wind is naturally infective: therefore spar the windows, etc.

But if the infective fever at Spanish Town in 1655-56 was almost certainly not yellow fever, it was probably allied to it in type.

But now we begin to see that the sickness at St Jago de la Vega had become infective or pestilential.

It may so happen, as sometimes in fact it does, that the animal may die as a result of the infective fever so set up.

The serous matter exuding from the diseased keratogenous membrane appears, in fact, to be highly infective.