Infelicities [noun]

Definition of Infelicities:

bad luck; disaster

Opposite/Antonyms of Infelicities:

Sentence/Example of Infelicities:

In an instant Christie saw the infelicity of her position, and its dangers.

Keats died young; and ‘yet his infelicity had years too many.’

It was at this time that the differences in character began to cause domestic infelicity in the Wagnerian household.

The admiration I profess for her ought to make her excuse these remarks, which have their origin in the infelicity of my age.

My old infelicity in making up my mind seems to haunt me, and I dare say I shall live to be a dreadful example.

Neither would have endeavoured to fix an infelicity of which each doubtless had been but too capable.

No impropriety or infelicity had been permitted to mar the smooth texture of its surface.

As a doctor I knew the causes of domestic infelicity in a good many homes.

It is a most unhappy state to be at a distance with God: man needs no greater infelicity than to be left to himself.

In my boyhood the Jewish community was practically free from scandals arising from domestic infelicity.