Infelicitous [adjective]

Definition of Infelicitous:


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Sentence/Example of Infelicitous:

Perhaps these circumstances gave the locality its infelicitous reputation.

It is by no means an uncommon one, not to say that I have a singularly infelicitous memory for people's names.

To one who has seen the great Japanese fleur-de-lis, France looks ludicrously infelicitous in her choice of emblem.

But for a few infelicitous accidents, this would have been the case of the late liberation of Quinquinambo.

Infelicitous at home, these worrying people are almost more than flesh and blood can bear as travelling companions abroad.

She had thought it very likely Robert Acton would come and see her; she had not met him since that infelicitous evening.

The latter he could only parody, but his parody was as infelicitous as Bacon's explanation of the "Wisdom of the Ancients."

It is then hard to conceive an appeal more singularly infelicitous than that which our modern positivists make to Buddhism.

The form of the Renaissance lantern is not infelicitous, either from the inside or outside.

That there are hundreds and thousands of infelicitous homes in America no one will doubt.