Infer [verb]

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Such big-picture cultural observations are a jumping-off point to infer what colors, silhouettes, and fabrics will be the macro trends in fashion up to two years in advance.

Their goal was to see if they could infer how the flat-toothed predators crushed their prey without disturbing their dinner time.

To reconstruct how that happened, the researchers used bioinformatics to infer the ancestral sequences for about 550 chemokines in today’s animals.

Now, various teams are developing new ways to infer exactly how the multiverse bubbles and what happens when those bubble universes collide.

Once we know the projected scoring margin, we can infer an implied win percentage.

These data could be used to infer fertility decisions for each year in the sample, which could then be measured against state car-seat laws to see if car-seat requirements were indeed decreasing third-birth fertility.

A physicist can reasonably infer a proton’s size from the “charge radius”—roughly the averaged spatial extent of quark orbits inside.

We should infer also from some of the early stage plays, that the "players" used the weed even when acting their parts.

From this place some commentators infer that this king became a true convert, and dying not long after, was probably saved.

We must not, however, infer that there was a large Egyptian element in the Canaanitish Pantheon.