Inference [noun]

Definition of Inference:

conclusion, deduction

Synonyms of Inference:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inference:





Sentence/Example of Inference:

Let’s say there is a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine, approved without political inference by the FDA.

While it’s nearly impossible to uncover who exactly is doing the swearing since the audio is generally being muted, we can still make a few inferences.

Through finding the relationships and patterns between words in a giant dataset, the algorithm ultimately ends up learning from its own inferences, in what’s called unsupervised machine learning.

Some philosophers have gone so far as to argue that creatures that lack a language are not capable of being rational, making inferences, grasping concepts, or even having beliefs or thoughts.

We’re talking about a small-scale research finding that was the truth in that finding, but because of the mechanics of statistical inference, it just won’t be right.

The inference which ought to have been drawn from these facts was that the prohibitory system was absurd.

No inference can be drawn from any comparisons between sexual crime of adults and sexual misbehaviour among children.

She evidently made up her mind that logic was a fallacious mode of inference, and determined to abandon it for the future.

Mrs. Stanley did not see her way clear to comment either upon the fact or the inference.

I beg you to believe me that there has been nothing between your wife and myself that could justify the inference you have drawn.