Inferential [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inferential:

Phenalgin,134 twin brother to the Antikamnia fraud, shouts its inferential falsehoods in a half-page display.

All inferential knowledge is true or not, according as the laws of Logic have been obeyed or not.

The only evidence, however, we can get at is indirect and inferential.

It must be understood that the knowledge of primitive man, as we are about to outline it, is inferential.

Now is that right, consequential—that is, inferential; logically deduced, going straight to the end—manly?

There may be an "inferential" element in our perception of mental processes in the minds of other men, but it is not inference.

Smeton pleaded guilty of adultery, but not guilty of the inferential charge of compassing the death of the King.

But I have very positive inferential knowledge based upon these four facts.

That fact with the others gives strong inferential knowledge regarding the man.

Hence, Circumstantial Evidence is specially inferential and cumulative in its nature.