Inferiority [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inferiority:

A sense of inferiority crept over him, as on the first day of his arrival at Alexandria.

In spite of the inferiority of his troops, Bernadotte as usual distinguished himself in the hour of battle.

Donald knows how to accept social inferiority; he may perhaps envy his betters, but he does not hate them.

Our descent, by the laws of the country, stamps us with inferiority—upon us has this law worked corruption of blood.

If you lived out here long enough, Im afraid you would have a bad inferiority complex.

But in single-handed boat sailing this humiliating sense of dependence and inferiority disappears.

There is, therefore, no room for comparison between the creature and the Creator, there can as little be inferiority as equality.

In Asia woman is degraded, and in Europe her common condition is that of apparent and absolute inferiority.

By that time the inferiority of the British fleet rendered Cornwallis's situation extremely perilous.

His modesty did not proceed from conscious inferiority with regard to others.