Infernally [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Infernally:

And he was so infernally insistent about it, that she was forced to pull up and get away from the post in self-defense.

The time passed infernally slowly for men waiting to test a hopeless hazard.

The consolation lay in the probability that such infernally bad soldiers would have made jurors quite as infernally bad.

You're a brick to join me in this sort of life, and I'm afraid I'm an infernally bad host.

I suppose they know their own business best, but they do seem most infernally slow in getting under weigh.

She stood out, a picture of serene beauty drawn against an infernally evil and confused background.

In order to save the property he has maligned my mother, and has cheated me and the creditors most horribly—most infernally.

And there is Ruiz, he's a cattle dealer; he'd be a good friend of Banks if Banks wasn't so infernally self-opinionated.

Marie was looking after him infernally, defiantly well, he thought, as he splashed whisky irritably into a tumbler.

I'm doing this for your protection, and you're infernally ungrateful.