Inferred [adjective]

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You can accurately infer a lot about someone simply by knowing their ethnicity, sex, or country of origin.

This is typical of the difficulties inferring directionality.

Nor do we know how many of those 94 got the vaccine as opposed to the placebo, although experts said we can infer it’s less than 10 if the vaccine efficacy really is greater than 90 percent.

Such parallels also show up in deep nets that can look at a 2D scene and infer the underlying properties of the 3D objects within it, which helps to explain how biological perception can be both fast and incredibly rich.

If the imaging ticks the boxes for a specific degree of forest maturity, researchers could then infer insect diversity from what they know of similar forests.

So instead of trying to use a camera to infer or deduce your heart rate, we could actually use the sensor from the smartwatch itself.

Party and race, for example, are often inferred on the basis of someone’s name and location.

When we see different behaviors in men and women, we cannot infer, as we can with animals, that these behaviors emerge from innate biological differences.

The answers to why people buy from you and what do they value the most can only be inferred from user surveys.

Researchers said the energy of solar axions inferred from XENON1T’s bump doesn’t fit with the simplest models of axion dark matter, but more complicated models can probably reconcile them.