Inferring [verb]

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Yet the challenges experienced over this year, and the pivots and adjustments they’ve triggered, allow us to infer what may lie around the corner.

By then, I had started my work on mapping dark matter using gravitational lensing, proposing a new way to infer its granularity.

From the shapes and sizes of these hypothetical structures, the scientists could infer whether, and in what manner, dark matter particles interact with themselves.

You might infer that if someone was a good and competent leader, there would be a pretty good chance that their close relatives, like their children, who have 50 percent of their genes, would also be good leaders.

This suggests that brains use combinations of generative and recognition models not just to recognize and characterize objects but to infer the causal structures inherent in scenes, all in an instant.

Perhaps all that we are warranted in inferring from it is that the annual procession was, that year, of unusual splendour.

"Rational" refers to the power of knowledge, of inferring one thing from another, and discriminating between good and evil.

He saw a light in Julie's window and inferring that she had not yet retired he went hastily to her room and knocked on the door.

"Then your wife will not go," answered George, inferring that his services would be required because hers could not be had.

How may certain former changes of sea-level be accounted for without inferring any movement of the land?