Infesting [verb]

Definition of Infesting:

attack and encroach

Synonyms of Infesting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infesting:

Sentence/Example of Infesting:

The interval of peace was employed in repressing the invasions of the pirates who were infesting the Gulfs of Cambay and Cutch.

We have found them also infesting the roots of the hollyhock (Alcea rosea).

The grape leaf-hopper and the grape-vine flea-beetle are possibly the worst of the insects infesting the grapes about these lakes.

You find yourself one to sneer at my friends, to stand and look at them and me as if we were vermin infesting your room!

A singular parasite on grasses was found by Cesati in Italy, in 1850, infesting the glumes of Andropogon.

The cavalry, while infesting a large extent of territory in the west, north and east, could not hold out against infantry.

Sprayed several heads of wheat with the solution, and within three hours all the aphides infesting them were dead.

There was the wide open West under its nose, and no Grant or Sherman infesting that void.

We heard Gaetano once say a good thing to a swarm of beggar-children, who were infesting us, "Are your fathers all dead?"

Eimer in 1870, for a Coccidian infesting the mouse, which was afterwards elevated by Schneider into a distinct genus Eimeria.