Infests [verb]

Definition of Infests:

attack and encroach

Synonyms of Infests:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infests:

Sentence/Example of Infests:

The louse which infests the human body, makes a very curious appearance through a microscope.

Our milkweed is tenacious of life; its roots lie deep, as if to get away from the plow, but it seldom infests cultivated crops.

It infests only particular spots, or small districts, and these are soon found out.

Well, we may find them in the morning, if they escape the banditti, which I am told infests this forest.

The sphere of perpetual celibacy infests the sphere of conjugial love, which is the very essential sphere of heaven, 54.

Perhaps the best known is M. strangulans, which infests Ulva and Enteromorpha, producing the appearance of small decaying spots.

It infests ships, running about at night over the sleeping passengers, and devouring the food.

The evil results of the haste which so infests and poisons us are often felt much more by the woman than by the man.

But the creature that most infests these backwoods is the porcupine.

The parasite infests not only the frogs but the American toads known as Bufo.