Infidels [noun]

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Huxley quotes with satirical gusto Dr. Wace's declaration as to the word "Infidel."

But a little earlier still, to be an Infidel was to be an outlaw, subject to the penalty of death.

Those who hold the truth cannot enter into it with the infidel, the unbeliever, the erroneous or profane.

In London some years before, she had been the pupil of a learned minister, who had become an infidel, and also unscrupulous.

Let us suppose that any one denying the theory of Laplace or the theory of Copernicus would be reviled as an "Infidel."

But how does our infidel geologist set about his work of proving that the earth has any given age, say a thousand million years?

Once in modern times a nation had the opportunity of showing the world a specimen of an infidel republic.

The doctrines of the Christian faith then are not the gradual growth of centuries, as the infidel would make us believe.

The princess may love the gems in his turban, his Arabic verses; but not even here in Sicily will she wed an infidel.

So both good men complained to Richard, but he merrily said that Nasr, as an impartial infidel, should compose their quarrel.