Infighting [noun]

Definition of Infighting:

conflict, strife

Synonyms of Infighting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infighting:

Sentence/Example of Infighting:

Democrats are second to none when it comes to self-recriminations and infighting — even when they win.

“In search of healing,” by Gene WeingartenGetting ready for the post-election infighting.

These historical divides within the media companies can put the companies’ futures at risk if they lead to infighting that would scuttle their streamers’ development.

Now, it’s true that this infighting didn’t actually affect the convention all that much.

He kept close to Carpentier during the rest of the fight and wore him down with body blows during the infighting.

She felt a sense of righteous pride infighting her way to the church through the first storm of the winter.

The Apaches' bows were little use for infighting, but they had their knives.

He had her in a mad, palpitant chancery but Verbeena put up some great infighting.

Infighting, in′fīt-ing, n. boxing at close quarters when blows from the shoulder cannot be given.

Like Dr. Hammerfield, he was unused to this fierce "infighting," as Ernest called it.