Infiltrated [verb]

Definition of Infiltrated:

creep in

Synonyms of Infiltrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infiltrated:


Sentence/Example of Infiltrated:

The public school system and even the court system became infiltrated with politics.

A pair of perfumed gloves were known to have infiltrated mortal illness through the pores of the skin.

It's enough to say that we've been thoroughly infiltrated, and that most of their agents have absolutely impeccable dossiers.

We knew of it at once—yes, we've even infiltrated the secret police—and decided to do something about it.

The muscles in various parts of the body frequently participate in the disease, bloody serum being infiltrated between the layers.

The upper lobe was crepitant, though infiltrated with carbon into the interlobular cellular tissue.

The upper lobe partially excavated and ragged; the inferior lobe infiltrated and emphysematous.

In addition, the cancerous material has infiltrated the wall of the ovarian cyst.

Then, the initial cutdown that I started was ineffective and infiltrated into the tissues.

I suppose some join before an organization is infiltrated, too.