Infiltrating [verb]

Definition of Infiltrating:

creep in

Synonyms of Infiltrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infiltrating:


Sentence/Example of Infiltrating:

The poet sees foul infections infiltrating society; he has often himself been a victim of social abuses.

Cell life was powerless before the vanquishing crystals of the infiltrating calcite.

Orbish language, Orbuary, Orbsday—nice job they did of infiltrating.

He envisioned the fleets of Triom descending, the Triomeds emerging and infiltrating.

He walked on, keeping the road by the misty infiltrating shimmer of the stars, with a sensation rather of gliding than of walking.

The heavy pall of smoke that heaved and rolled over the house-tops, infiltrating in its aqueous touch, was a magnet of melancholy.

He must have been a Guelfo spy, by coincidence infiltrating Lucera at the same time as Daoud.

Their growth is rapid and infiltrating rather than slow and concentric.

The Russians were infiltrating the country with synthetic men.

The infiltrating cancer begins as an elevation of the skin, which progresses until it becomes rough and nodular.