Infinities [noun]

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Riehl is currently working to expand the usefulness of infinity categories in mathematics.

We’ve been developing a new approach to the foundations of infinity category theory.

So, thinking about infinity categories more abstractly, rather than more concretely.

This effectively reduced a question about infinity to an easier problem about the arithmetic of a few numbers.

As many solvers correctly observed, the expression goes off to infinity.

Most sciences are tethered to the universe that describes the real world — but that’s just one out of an infinity of mathematical possibilities.

So dies the invasion of England bogey which, from first to last, has wrought us an infinity of harm.

The argument proves no other infinity of duration than may be embraced within five minutes.

Below the major gods was an infinity of smaller ones, who presided over physical and moral matters.

Is infinity this distance carried to the extreme, because it is an innumerable manifoldness?