Infinitive [noun]

Definition of Infinitive:

action word

Synonyms of Infinitive:

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Sentence/Example of Infinitive:

Perhaps speke (better speken) is an infinitive in l. 350, but it may also be the pt.

This ending terminates the past participles of verbs whose infinitive ends in e.

An example of the present infinitive used after aprs (cf. il est parti aprs avoir bu un verre d'eau).

The use of tre for aller when followed by an infinitive is inelegant, though the construction is sometimes used by good writers.

Instead of the infinitive moods and plural numbers ending in -n as in Holland, the former end in -a, the latter in -ar.

The sing of I sing is the correspondent of the Anglo-Saxon singe; the infinitive sing, of singan; the imperative sing of sing.

In English we call "to shine" a verb in the infinitive, because it gives the abstract meaning of the verb without conditions.

The simple infinitive after leouere is noteworthy: the reading of N represents the normal OE.

Wb, is here the infinitive, but the root of this verb is still more remote.

And in all similar instances the present infinitive, with the proper pronoun prefixed, is employed.