Infinitude [noun]

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The aim of physics is to understand in a precise, mathematical way all manifestation of matter and energy in the universe — and we have barely started to explore this infinitude of possibilities.

Our solar system is thus very isolated in the vastness of Infinitude.

Southwards in one huge curve of nearly forty miles stretches the low coast of Holderness, seemingly continued into infinitude.

Ten years—ten short, rapid years had lapsed away into the infinitude of the past, and mighty changes had marked their progress.

Elsewhere they lie alone among the sands, as if lost in the midst of the infinitude of some dead sea-shore.

Give him but that, and he will find for man an everlasting worship, and raise for God a cathedral worthy of his infinitude.

It suggests an infinitude of greenhouses reflecting sunbeams at a variety of angles of incidence.'

Every subject, said Burke—we remember his remark, though not the very words—branches out into infinitude.

The variety of lovely effects, the infinitude of change, is something not to be believed by any who has not seen it.

For that moment, infinitude was to him not a name, but a reality.