Infirmary [noun]

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Over one hundred women volunteered their services at the infirmaries.

Public charities, such as the Infirmary and the Lancaster School received annual subscriptions until the companies came to an end.

Barrent had been taken to the infirmary, where his injuries were patched up.

Then there was the infirmary full of occupants on that merry New Year's night.

I believe you were the magistrate who attended to take down the deposition of a poor man who died in the Infirmary last night.'

When he was allowed to leave the infirmary, it was not to go to his solitary cell, but to share the dormitory with the others.

The Bishop brought him to with difficulty, and sent him to the infirmary to be nursed back to strength.

Of the infirmary, only a few fragments of arches remain—but these undoubtedly date from the time of the Confessor.

It's no' a doctor ye'll be needing, ava, but a bit dose o' physic an' a bed in the infirmary a day or twa.

He turned up Nicolson Street, that ran northward, past the University and the old infirmary.