Inflexibly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inflexibly:

Francesca is inflexibly, almost aggressively American, but Salemina is a citizen of the world.

The Armenian massacres were now really beginning, and the Turks were inflexibly resolved to persist in them to the uttermost.

I was forbid much: wishes in any measure bold I had to renounce; everywhere a strait bond of Obedience inflexibly held me down.

The parent must inflexibly require the right action in the appropriate situation.

No Pusseyite, or conservative of any school, was ever more inflexibly attached to time-honored inconveniences than Dinah.

So I was inflexibly resolved to kill myself immediately after receiving my sentence, whatever it might be.

It was a liberal and gentle policy toward the Indians which Pizarro adopted at the very start, and maintained inflexibly.

“It is time to return, I reckon,” he remarked, leading the way inflexibly towards the distant gate and the road.

The expenses of the government were steadily and inflexibly cut down to meet the diminishing income.

The relation between human crime and the barren wilderness is still as inflexibly maintained as at the first.