Inflicts [verb]

Definition of Inflicts:

impose something

Synonyms of Inflicts:

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Sentence/Example of Inflicts:

These are the solutions which theologians give in order to console us for the evils which God inflicts upon us.

This form of paranoia inflicts suffering mainly on the near relatives of the patient.

It inflicts the degradation of compulsory medical examination upon women, and lets their paramours go free.

Spite is a whip that cracks at both ends, and the rear lash inflicts by far the sharper sting.

For pain, I tell theeI need more pain than mine own will inflicts,Pain which shall break that will.

The human tongue inflicts rending wounds; the sword scarcely gives pain, because of the rapid precision of the blow.

This, it would seem, from the persistency with which the Ammophila inflicts it, is the most important prick of all.

But he has been found out, and he ought, for the sake of the community, to be willing to bear the penalty the law inflicts.

Tartarean regions have no worse woes, nor the Hell of Christians, than memory inflicts upon those who have done evil.

If the strokes which tragedy inflicts on our bosoms followed without respite, the passion would overpower the action.