Inflow [noun]

Definition of Inflow:

flow, rush

Synonyms of Inflow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inflow:

Sentence/Example of Inflow:

A few weeks later, though, on April 2, Luckin came clean, fessing up to $310 million in made-up money inflows—a large portion of its reported revenue for 2019.

Alarmingly, this means 50 percent of small businesses would struggle beyond two weeks of disrupted cash inflows.

Since Tesla’s credits and its customers’ deficits run in tandem, Tesla trades its CAFE and GHG credits on long-term contracts that produce more consistent, though in the past smaller, revenue than the inflow from lumpy ZEV sales.

Net equity market inflows were 93 billion Rmb for the same period, taking foreign holdings to more than 1 trillion Rmb.

We kitted up and passed through a special set of double doors designed to reduce the inflow of contaminant-filled air from outside.

Exercises to strengthen muscles, promote complete expansion, regulate inflow and outflow of air, etc.

With that cool, fragrant inflow of air they breathed freely.

The cablegrams came first—bundles of them from every corner of the world—then the letters, a steady inflow.

The train at this point goes upon a monster ferry that carries it over the swift inflow of the Sacramento river.

It depended for its very life on a steady inflow of food from outside sources.