Influenced [adjective]

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As you see, the data and our daily experience on the Internet show that it’s hard to argue that social media influence purchase decisions.

In one sign of that generation’s growing influence, some 70% of consumers overall now claim they buy or boycott products or services based on the social stances of the companies that make or sell them.

They wanted to know what would happen to the moods and psychologies of stable-brained people who ingested psilocybin, and what those changes had to do with any spiritual strangeness that might occur while they were under the influence.

In particular, as The Drum points out, “how brands give back to communities and people will be a huge influence on shoppers this year.”

This exchange, known as the Great American Biotic Interchange, had a major influence on the distribution of mammals in the Americas today.

However, you should first focus on managing your products in Google Manufacturer Center and Merchant Center, as those platforms seem to have more direct influence over product KPs.

Cultural power takes many forms and the US continues to provide cultural and political influence across the world, though not necessarily shaped by the office of the president or the diplomacy of the State Department.

Totty also cited voter suppression tactics as an influence on turnout rates.

One person who came up was David Hobbie, director of regulatory affairs for the Alaska District and someone with strong influence over the final EIS.

Facebook and Twitter take unusual steps to limit spread of New York Post storyDorsey said that Twitter previously disclosed actions it took against influence campaigns originating from Iran and Russia.