Influences [noun]

Definition of Influences:

power, authority

Synonyms of Influences:

Opposite/Antonyms of Influences:

Sentence/Example of Influences:

Yet a child coming under the humanising influences of culture soon gets far away from the level of the savage.

The influences of smoking and snuffing on politics and war are ascertainable.

Each one of them is called by His authoritative command, as well as by the effectual influences of his Spirit.

Indeed he would certainly have been one of themselves but for garret-garden influences.

The place is utterly unsoftened by human influences, by any humanising associations of history, good or bad.

In Edinburgh we were near the center from which Scott's vast influences radiated.

Other forces now shape the oncoming generations and prepare them for further sensitive influences.

There are many secondary influences of a less important nature which are due to the ocean streams.

But, under the influences of the blind god, the stern student of the "Dairyman's Daughter" seemed to thaw.

In this state of affairs the influences which now make for change in organic species would be far less than they are.