Influencing [verb]

Definition of Influencing:

lead to believe, do

Synonyms of Influencing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Influencing:

Sentence/Example of Influencing:

Gen Z and Millenials are more likely to be influenced, with 84% of millennials saying user-generated content from strangers has at least some influence on how they spend their money.

Even outside of the influence of the pandemic, the customer experience was expected to surpass product and price as the key brand differentiator.

Sometimes things like that make their way into trending topics, and then they have a big influence.

Plan your digital holiday advertising campaign around shopping trends to improve brand consideration and influence consumer decision-making whether they’re researching products or ready to buy.

So, the idea here is to monitor your “street” presence, figure out who your current competitors are, and gradually expand your area of influence in SERPs.

It was immediately banned under the Civil Authorities Act, a contentious censorial power used to preserve law and order, close bars, prevent gatherings and protect civilians from the supposed corrupting influence of actors on the silver screen.

Police unions still have a major influence over what gets passed in the Capitol.

The resignation, confirmed by a person familiar with the matter, brings to an end 17 months of combative and often controversial influence of a small group of pro-Brexit officials over the British government.

Simons Foundation funding decisions have no influence on our coverage.

You might be someone who thinks that the environment has a strong influence on people’s personality, and that having negligent or otherwise bad parents is a major way for people to become dysfunctional.