Influential [adjective]

Definition of Influential:

effective, powerful

Synonyms of Influential:

Opposite/Antonyms of Influential:

Sentence/Example of Influential:

Maybe, just maybe, Europe really could come up with a successor that proves as useful and influential.

Perhaps no market force has proved more influential — and more misguided — than the nation’s property-insurance system.

Instead of a single list recognizing influential leaders under age 40, there are separate lists across five industries—finance, technology, health care, government and policy, and media and entertainment.

Its stunning collection includes works by some of the most influential and important artists of the mid-20th century, and its definitely a must-see for any art lover.

Chekheria took charge of the Adjara-run Holiday Inn Tbilisi as general manager before rising to the top job at Adjara, which was founded by influential Georgian philanthropist and entrepreneur Temur Ugulava.

In 2020, according to the State Of Local SEO Industry Report, proximity has fallen to the third most influential ranking factor behind on-page optimization and reviews.

Each episode of the series revolved around women who either served as an inspiration behind the product or other influential female workers who were inspired by the product itself.

In every correlation analysis, we’ve performed, site authority has always been the most influential factor.

Seek out journalistic opportunities and serve as a source of expertise, guest post on influential sites within a region, and use social channels to build connections with local influencers and businesses.

One reason that economists have historically overlooked household innovation is that it doesn’t figure in the prevailing theory of innovation that was put forth in the early 20th century by the influential economist Joseph Schumpeter.