Info [noun]

Definition of Info:

facts, news

Synonyms of Info:

Opposite/Antonyms of Info:

Sentence/Example of Info:

It seems like users will likely be downloading the app for free and then being prompted to either subscribe or enter their login info for their streaming platform of choice.

Many classes rely on textbooks to give students as much info as quickly as possible.

We’re just trying to make sure that voters have the info that they need in order to participate.

Thus, local SEO is as crucial as entering relevant info and images.

More importantly, we encourage voters to look to trusted sources of info, in this case state election officials who have correctly pointed out that a lot of voter registration data is publicly available or easily purchased.

To get those free trials, you have to share your credit card info, and you’ll get charged if you don’t cancel in time.

These advertisers saw Facebook as a key getaway to online shoppers, especially those Dynamic Ads that display products and info about them to users.

One major effect of having rich results displayed for your webpages is that users are more likely to check out your site, instead of other sites that don’t show as much info.

Even if there will be users who are satisfied with just getting the bare minimum from the rich results, there is still a percentage that will click on your link to get more in-depth info or sign up as an attendee and book a spot.

For example, one of Netalico’s clients, which sells pet medications, needs to collect more detailed information at checkout, like a veterinarian’s name and contact info.