Informants [noun]

Definition of Informants:

person who delivers news

Synonyms of Informants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Informants:


Sentence/Example of Informants:

Sundry gentlemen were willing to undertake the job; so at least local informants assured us.

The stars, his informants, were as communicative on the most trivial as on the most important subjects.

Such is Trithemius' account in his chronicle: we may wonder how closely he had questioned his informants.

As my informants were his countrymen, I could only gather that his qualities were such as Hungarians held in esteem.

It has been presented to us in this complicated fashion because our informants did not know how to speak simply.

To return to Vauxhall, Angelo and other informants supply us with a hint or two of the company.

"Your Grace seems to have trustworthy informants," said the Chamberlain less boldly, but in no measure abashed.

Informants state that the various bear doctors all over the country knew each other.

While differing in some details from the explanations received from informants, it confirms them in substance.

I may call him Smidt for convenience; my informants are not sure of the name, after a lapse of forty years.