Informed [adjective]

Definition of Informed:

cognizant, conversant

Synonyms of Informed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Informed:

Sentence/Example of Informed:

Athletes have powerful and important and informed voices, and they should be encouraged to use them.

So now with Swarm you can have connectivity in those regions outside of cell, and provide that value, and much better knowledge and user data analytics to make much more informed business decisions, save water, save energy, save all those things.

When I cracked the book open again, I was more informed about wildlife conservation issues and eco-tourism.

Here, we’ll detail each of them and discuss the potential benefits and risks, with context to help you make more informed decisions.

Having an informed understanding of Sickle Cell and the silent damage it causes, in addition to pain, keeps Jordan focused and motivated to proactively monitor her health as she faces this unpredictable disease.

Parents who have had to take on their children’s reading instruction at home are asking more questions and seeking informed advice.

She said she knew it would be her responsibility to lead by example and to ensure her people felt informed about what they were putting into their bodies.

We’re only as strong as the weakest or least informed members of the community.

We need a generation of engaged and informed patriots who have a tangible experience with their nation’s birth, progress and process.

If we don’t know the costs of our choices, we can’t make them in an informed way, the researchers warn.