Informing [verb]

Definition of Informing:

communicate knowledge, information

Synonyms of Informing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Informing:

Sentence/Example of Informing:

She could have done what Sarah did, if she weren’t too principled to mine her past that way, she informs us.

In any case, I have been informed that the Birds are doing a little better as of late.

A man in a tie informed us that they were running about 15 minutes behind.

Website accessibility complaints brought against dentists has influenced the American Dental Association to take action by informing all of its members of the threat at hand.

John says he arrived at the hospital about an hour later, and doctors soon informed him and his mother that Yaroslav appeared to have pneumonia.

The lawyer appointed to advocate for her informed the judge that her absence meant she “did not object” to the conservatorship continuing.

The Raiders were informed of the penalties by the league, according to the person with knowledge of the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the NFL made no official announcement.

This additional time will allow us to slow down, get past covid, and bring the Gallery’s community together in person for challenging conversations that will help inform how we rethink the exhibition.

His vote, he said, was informed by his own experience with the contract model.

We realize how hard virtual learning is, but we need to make sure that anything that happens with reopening is informed by science.