Infrared [noun]

Definition of Infrared:

color of blood; shade resembling such a color

Synonyms of Infrared:

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Sentence/Example of Infrared:

This technology, called functional near-infrared spectroscopy, is the same that allows pulse oximeters to measure oxygen levels in the blood.

The operator gets a real-time view of what Spot sees and hears through its onboard sensors, which include an infrared camera.

Wi-Charge’s PowerPuck system employs infrared beams that can power low-draw devices from up to 30 feet away without the power level dropping as you move further away.

We suggest reaching for a ceramic, porcelain, or infrared dryer, which will gently dry your hair without sucking up healthy moisture.

He and his team are now looking at another type of light called the cosmic infrared background.

They detect infrared — a wavelength of light that indicates temperature.

Take the Brava Oven, which cooks using visible and infrared light.

Thermal infrared reflectance correlates with land surface temperature, which correlates with soil moisture and, therefore, the amount of water available to plants’ roots.

For total over your setup, Logitech’s Hub-based remotes, like the Harmony Companion and Harmony Elite, can control infrared, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices all from one programmable gadget.

The highly sensitive camera system detects variations in infrared radiation that are not visible to the naked eye.