Infringes [verb]

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In Havana, as throughout Cuba, there is a cigar etiquette, to infringe any of the rules of which is construed as an insult.

Thus there are certain fundamental liberties, which not even a democracy may legitimately infringe.

They infringe the second article; which says, that the citizens of the State have a right to hold and possess property.

Hence they do not steadily conform to their primitive laws; and even, those of their own instituting they frequently infringe.

The king was as good as his word, and did not spare the estate of the church, but dared not infringe its privileges.

She then makes her plans, so that the expenses of one quarter shall never infringe on the income of another.

Would the other members of the family care to do anything which would infringe on Robert's prerogatives under the will?

His first care was to read out standing orders to his crew, which they were forbidden under heavy penalties to infringe.

I cannot account for this, except upon the supposition that he is too honest to infringe on the patents of the patriarchs.

The clearly-defined privileges which had been promised the Protestants, he would not infringe in the least.