Infringing [verb]

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Simonov says land and cultural rights of indigenous communities engaged in reindeer herding, hunting and fishing have been “infringed” by mining activities.

However, there’s also much concern about the power of AI, and growing agreement that its use should be guided to avoid infringing upon our rights.

Privacy advocates have long fought such laws, saying they infringe on civil liberties and should not be allowed prior to conviction.

So, it wouldn’t make sense to return to the same organic performance after a cleanup and the manual action lifted, otherwise that would likely mean you weren’t benefiting from whatever was infringing on the Quality Guidelines.

When the smart streetlight program infringed on all San Diegans’ privacy rights in yet another lopsided contract that drained taxpayers, Montgomery Steppe effectively worked to defund it.

These laws are very strictly observed, and any one infringing them is punished with death.

Some brethren are infringing on the trades of others: resolutions are passed against such conduct.

Indeed, no one ever thought of infringing it, so powerful are habit and the force of association.

Now, therefore, is the time when it can be suspended without infringing the rights of any party.

The 'rule of law' secures that he shall exercise them without infringing the privileges of his neighbour.