Infuriate [verb]

Definition of Infuriate:

make angry

Synonyms of Infuriate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infuriate:

Sentence/Example of Infuriate:

These stories, some of them “unremittingly sad,” others infuriating, let the reader see what Brooks calls “the secret city,” an entire ecosystem in the capital that is invisible to most.

Many lawmakers, infuriated by the breach and angry that they had been unable to reach Sund at the height of the crisis, were only too happy to accept it.

Thank Heaven, that the days of such infuriate zeal are over: but Heaven forbid that we should pass to the other extreme.

It would infuriate the Judge to sentence those buzzards to the hoosegow for life.

No relenting on the part of the Rebels, but savage, infuriate joy at the sight of the warm heart's blood of their victims!

In this manner he sought to infuriate Frank and lead him to some act of rashness.

Themselves hemmed in by the fierce crowd, now infuriate in its growing blood-lust, their own lives hung upon no more than a hair.

The stre so terrifies the reindeer that the mere appearance of one in the air will infuriate a herd of a thousand animals.

He held his eyes a moment on Kate's infuriate figure, and then he gazed at Lillian Drew.

After three days of silence and cocoa, this angle at the end began to infuriate Turnbull.