Infuriated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Infuriated:

Spend a couple hours reading bike Twitter, and you’re guaranteed to wind up despondent, infuriated, and profoundly disgusted with humanity.

The nurse said she was shaken by the distress of the residents, and infuriated by the understaffing and emphasis on cutting costs at the nursing homes she visited.

Their continued negotiations infuriated some Senate Republicans, who complained that Mnuchin was caving to Democrats’ demands.

Politics, she has often argued, has nothing to do with her position, and suggestions to the contrary can infuriate her.

The applications infuriated several Senegalese fisheries stakeholders, including artisanal fishermen, industrial shipowners and civil society organizations.

What chiefly infuriated him was that the insult should come from one whom he considered a "greaser," a man of inferior race.

With this, an all-overpowering rush was made, and Walker was carried off up the rock in the middle of five hundred infuriated men.

He was a short, thickset man with white side whiskers, and looked like an infuriated Santa Claus, for he was covered with snow.

The rider, naturally infuriated at this, struck the man with his whip so heavily that he fell down dead.

Infuriated by the success of their foes, they fought valiantly to regain possession of the ponies.