Infuriates [verb]

Definition of Infuriates:

make angry

Synonyms of Infuriates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infuriates:

Sentence/Example of Infuriates:

The bad air of our theatres and other public places disgusts and infuriates me more, but exhausts me less.

The pain of the wound infuriates it and its one object in life is to get at the man who shot it.

This loyalty offends and infuriates the women of Thracia, who divine in it a spirit inimical to a life in harmony with nature.

"This is a wound that infuriates me," said the grand sorcerer.

On the other hand, devotion often exalts, infuriates, and strengthens the passions which formerly animated the converts.

She looks rather comfortable and seemly to us, but something about her infuriates the bookseller.

The infuriates may expel the Thirty-Two, if they choose, and put them under lock and key.

My one solace is that I do not submit, it infuriates me, I resent it; I will never be resigned and milky.

It's that that agonizes and infuriates Mercedes, it's that that makes her unwilling to be alone with me.

His moist, soft fingers tremble as he holds the cards, and he infuriates every one by his erratic bidding.