Infuse [verb]

Definition of Infuse:

introduce; soak

Synonyms of Infuse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infuse:

Sentence/Example of Infuse:

They would be infused into a person’s vein in a similar way to the current convalescent plasma.

This isn’t the first time politics has infused Animal Crossing.

By infusing an attitude of inclusion, where everyone feels accepted for who they are, businesses will be able to attract the best talent and realize exceptional performance over time.

Grant money could infuse these businesses with enough cash to keep their dining rooms closed, while offering takeout and curbside pickup.

Cheryl James-Ward, president at e3 Civic High in downtown San Diego, said school officials and teachers are infusing racial diversity in English and history curriculums.

An optimized social media strategy will infuse your marketing efforts with purpose and help you to meet your business’s objectives.

The man in the chair rose slowly and drew a long breath, which seemed to infuse him with life again.

The sight of his quietly watchful eyes, his grimly smiling lips, seemed to infuse courage into her anew.

With an animated countenance and a cheerful smile, she was all engrossed in endeavoring to infuse fortitude into his soul.

Forbear therefore to infuse into my mind such mournful thoughts, if not for love, at least for pity.