Infuses [verb]

Definition of Infuses:

introduce; soak

Synonyms of Infuses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infuses:

Sentence/Example of Infuses:

The great instrument of all these changes, and what infuses a peculiar venom into all of them, is party.

In the end, Psyche infuses soul into Galatea, and she and the sculptor understand each other.

Sargent, as might be expected, leads the way; but he infuses the subject with his own special genius.

Yet in this deep suspicion rest thou not Contented unless she assure thee so, Who betwixt truth and mind infuses light.

But when old age infuses whiteness into them, then they become assimilated, and are white by the presence of white.

That courage which, as Homer says, the god breathes into the souls of some heroes, Love of his own nature infuses into the lover.

The succession of monitors gradually infuses a habit, and somewhat of a love of punctuality, into the body scholastic itself.

He infuses a little reason into things which prevents the sublime from becoming ridiculous.

She unconsciously infuses into her readers a liberal share of the enthusiasm that moves the people of her creative imagination.

Democracy not only infuses a taste for letters among the trading classes, but introduces a trading spirit into literature.