Ingenious [adjective]

Definition of Ingenious:

clever; brilliant

Synonyms of Ingenious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ingenious:

Sentence/Example of Ingenious:

Then I sort of forgot about them, until roughly 2015, when a diabolically ingenious album called FFS—a collaboration between the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand and, once again, Sparks—caught my attention.

An ingenious little invention, this kitchen appliance can make a huge difference when it comes to quick snacks, full meals, and delicious leftovers.

However, the game’s art direction and ingenious puzzles give “Call of the Sea” undeniable momentum.

Once on the ground an extremely ingenious system allows the flight-pod “to open up like a flower and release the dog in less than 10 seconds after landing.”

Pointy uses an ingenious and simple method to get local store inventory online, which can then be presented in organic search results or paid search ads.

Bell’s theorem suggested an ingenious way to set up an experiment.

Just try it once, and you'll see how ingenious it is—only one must be careful not to throw out the elbow in turning out the wrist.

He uses the red pipe-stone and other materials in the production of his pipes, which are ingenious specimens of sculpture.

Metal buttons or pistons located on the toe piece of the pedal-board were introduced by the ingenious Casavant of Canada.

From these ingenious "conceits" we turn to a few thoughts on the present condition and history of the plant.