Ingeniously [adverb]

Definition of Ingeniously:

in a dexterous manner

Synonyms of Ingeniously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ingeniously:

Sentence/Example of Ingeniously:

There’s nothing more to say because it’s such a simple, ingenious little item.

Clams and mussels are foraged in many ways, and some are truly ingenious.

Enter the station plot, an ingenious way to print lots of information in a tiny space.

As shoppers shifted to virtual shopping carts, companies deployed ingenious machine-learning and audience-segmentation solutions — honed across months of testing — to guide their brand partners through unprecedented challenges.

In addition to Mitchell’s anticipated growth into the All-Star he became this season, Utah had an imposing defense, long-range shooters and ingenious coaching.

Of variety of perilous adventures and peril, ingeniously surmounted, there is no lack.

Adolphe, you have arrived unfortunately at that season so ingeniously called the Indian Summer of Marriage.

On close inspection it proved to be a pin so prettily and ingeniously made that anybody might be pleased to wear it.

Their arms, and sometimes the lower parts of the body and legs, are ingeniously tattooed.

"You lie very ingeniously, Herr Twenty-eight," she said with a smile.