Ingenuities [noun]

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Mamie Price, the Barclays’s cook, is a woman whose ingenuity and artistry far surpass the circumscribed opportunities available to her.

The ingenuity of Starship is that it just “belly-flops” all the way down—a type of free fall in which the atmosphere gradually slows down its speed.

Because it depends on the changing abilities of classical computers and the ingenuity of those coding them, it’s still a moving benchmark.

In fact, Google will emerge stronger than ever in 2021 because of its scale, leadership, and ingenuity.

The result is a celebration of ingenuity, what we can accomplish together when challenges both personal and global arise.

Governments could also design policies that could unlock capital and ingenuity from the private sector.

In practice, this means using their ingenuity to shrink costs, speed up workflows, and search for ways of producing higher-margin products.

Several months into the pandemic, though, performers, designers and writers are using technology — and more generally, connectivity with people in their homes — with more ingenuity.

Meeting those goals will demand great reserves of human energy and ingenuity.

What it hasn’t done, though, is stop innovation, or ingenuity, or the catalytic sense of optimism that so many problem-solvers bring to their day jobs.