Ingenuousness [noun]

Definition of Ingenuousness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ingenuousness:

Sentence/Example of Ingenuousness:

Edgar looked at her, to read how much of this was real ingenuousness, how much affected simplicity.

He is a man of clear head, of courage, fortitude and simple ingenuousness.

These questions, uttered with childish rapidity and ingenuousness, threw some light upon the apparent mystery.

With the utmost sincerity and ingenuousness he condemned Mr. Edwards.

The ingenuousness of her impetuous question seemed to amuse him.

That ingenuousness of her friend's pleasure in her wedding made Ruth feel, not only older, but removed from her by experience.

His ingenuousness of confession astonished everybody, and moved the hearts of his judges.

"How interesting the instinct of animals is," she observed with an air of the most perfect ingenuousness.

Coquetry was as foreign to the ingenuousness of her nature, as to the dignity of all her early maternal precepts.

"You didn't ask me," said Joe, with something like ingenuousness, though with a most provoking application.