Inglenook [noun]

Definition of Inglenook:

corner, cubbyhole

Synonyms of Inglenook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inglenook:

Sentence/Example of Inglenook:

The old wife sang merrily as she sat in the inglenook stirring the soup, for she had never felt so sad.

"Noo," said Mr. Traill, when his overcome little guests were seated at a table in the inglenook.

"Maybe they've got safe off towards the Cornish coast," said Kitty Trefyre, who sat knitting in the inglenook.

Less widely known histories, each the traditional subject of inglenook talk in its own valley, may be found at every step.

The child fled to comforting arms in the inglenook and cried herself to sleep.

The same evening saw her seated in the inglenook opposite Nicholas Snyders, who smoked and seemed bored.

The latter began to move with uncertain steps after Phyllida, who shrank towards the shelter of the inglenook.

At one side the dark wainscoting yawned to a cavernous fireplace and inglenook with seats in black leather.

An enormous wood fire blazed at one end of the hall, and in the inglenook sat a girl of some twenty summers.

Here in the almost severe wainscoting, in inglenook and chimney-corner, one found the index to his fancy.