Ingloriously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Ingloriously:

No one of his people had seen the melee from which he had emerged so ingloriously, yet humiliation was terrible.

I suppose I should have allowed myself to be shot ingloriously had not the big gambler discovered what was going on.

A mournful image of a nation which achieves her own ruin, but which does not fall ingloriously.

Thus ingloriously was the war carried on, or rather paralyzed, by the regular forces in the upper country.

Every one of her attachments had ended unhappily—the first ingloriously, the last tragically.

He is a useless burden on the earth like an incapacitated bull and perisheth ingloriously.

So, ingloriously, ended the Angel's first and last appearance in Society.

That he was a unique exceptiona figure alone in his glory, or ingloriously alonewas a fine commentary on this old world, anyhow.

No one had seen Mr. Howe since he had so ingloriously retreated at the commencement of the fight.

So I had either to face the music, prepare and preach two sermons a day, or ingloriously surrender.