Ingrate [noun]

Definition of Ingrate:

ungrateful person

Synonyms of Ingrate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ingrate:


Sentence/Example of Ingrate:

It is the torment of him who loves to become, despite himself, the slave and accomplice of the ingrate who feels himself beloved.

But you have remembered me, Edith, even in the depth of your joy, ingrate that I am.

I, the recipient of the master's favors, an ingrate and a wretch!

Don Jose has worked on the fears or the cupidity of this drunken ingrate.

She had almost wished she had never offered a scholarship in behalf of such an ingrate.

Graft begins in the home, and it is amazing what pains we take to produce an ingrate and perforce a poor citizen.

It is all over, Sans-Souci, he will never see me again, the ingrate; he will never hear my name again!

Many a time have I deferred dining several minutes that I might have the attendance of this ingrate.

Ever the ingrate, she was thankful to none for the unexpected chance to glitter.

The War Office very pointedly addressed him as General, and, regarding his row of ribbons, implicitly declared him an ingrate.