Ingratiates [verb]

Definition of Ingratiates:

get on the good side of someone

Synonyms of Ingratiates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ingratiates:

Sentence/Example of Ingratiates:

De Luynes presented her at court with instructions to ingratiate herself with the queen—Anne of Austria—and the king.

I did my utmost to ingratiate myself with her, for I knew that if any one could obtain the information I required she would do so.

In my opinion, you came simply to ingratiate yourself with Mr. Murray, and your conduct to-day has proved it.

He would show an interest in the family and ingratiate himself in that way; he would be asking after the children next.

He felt that he was taking an unreasoning dislike for the apologising Thomas, so anxious to ingratiate himself.

He knew very well how to ingratiate himself with the man,—there was no difficulty about that.

Willing to ingratiate himself with persons of interest in this Country; and likes talk, even with Jesuits of discernment.

Neither would he permit the army contractors to ingratiate themselves with him by presents, returning everything thus sent him.

And yet he stood there now, smiling and winking at the other, evidently with the desire to ingratiate himself.

He had stayed as close to Harlan as possible; and from his manner Harlan had divined that the man was eager to ingratiate himself.